Shamanic Residency

The Shamanic Arts Center's purpose is to provide sacred space & promotions for shamanic ceremonies and experiences in Colorado. The Center is located in Hotchkiss, Colorado, one of the three small towns including Crawford and Paonia that comprise the North Fork Creative Triangle in western Colorado. This area is a magnet for artists, organic farmers, & wineries. The area is also home to a foundry and several other artist residencies.

About our Residency Program: 
We ask that you either pay a weekly rent or  help 15 hours per week by working on one of our projects for the Center in exchange for food, lodging, and all the shamanic activities at the Center. Scheduling of the hours will be determined by the volunteer and the demands of the project. We are grateful to our volunteers and excited to meet artists and other volunteers who may be interested in working with us.

Requirements for Inquiry: 
Please answer the questions at NOTE: At this time (spring 2019) we are seeking a sculptor for a large found objects sculpture of a multi-armed goddess. However, if you have an idea for a different artwork project for the Center, please send an inquiry. The schedule is determined by a number of factors such as availability of volunteers with specific talents, available materials for each project, events scheduled, and other factors too numerous to mention. I will ask for ID and emergency contact numbers upon your arrival. Also, advise that you have health insurance. NO pets.

About Mike, Julia & Angel Cat:
Angel is our house cat - we keep her inside most of the time. Julia is an artist & visionary and the director of the Shamanic Arts Center - Mike a practical scientist and the manifestor at the center. We are the core patrons of the Center and a married couple who have been together since 1990. We do smoke cannabis and consider it a sacrament.

The Center where we also live is located in a 116-year-old two story brick house in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Please contact Julia with any questions. 


  • Building a found items sculpture of many armed goddess
  • Desiging and installing a meditation garden
  • Carpenter help building a front porch
  • Help building a sweat lodge
  • Wood artists are needed to work on the tiny house where residents to stay when they visit
  • Help building a sweat lodge

    Other projects we are considering depending on volunteer interests and skills are a stacked stone fence across the front of the property.