Call to the Shamans of the World. We are asking shamanic artists &  practitioners to travel to rural areas as a community service to the world because we recognize that some spiritual knowledge is best passed and transmitted by direct contact. If you can not travel to us, we humbly ask to be mentioned in your prayers and ceremonies. We honor and respect your answer to our call.  Mahalo

The Traveling Shamans is a group of practitioners each of whom has agreed as a community outreach to travel to rural areas to provide ceremony and/or shamanic services to those who need and want them.  While we recognize the problems inherent in using the term "shaman" (see Who is a Shaman ?) it still seems to be the best shorthand way to identify these types of practitioners.

Traveling Shaman:

You agree to travel to Colorado or some other sponsored location to present your program or ceremony. If we have a host community willing to provide lodging & venue, but if we do not have a sponsor for travel, you will be asked to travel at your own expense. 

Traveling Shamans Support Includes:

  • Promotion and event planning for your program or ceremony - includes a video interview
  • A venue for presenting your ceremony or program
  • Scheduling of private sessions for you while on location

If you are a shamanic practitioner interested in becoming a Traveling Shaman and traveling as an outreach service to small culturally isolated areas, please book a Visit with Julia to discuss details.

Host communities - book aVisit with Julia to discuss possible hosting of a Traveling Shaman.

Patrons for Traveling Shamans

Help support the Traveling Shamans by becoming a patron for as little as $2 per month. To see all the benefits of being a patron go to:

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