Susan took her first Reiki class in 1989 and began teaching it in 1996. Her shamanic exploration began in 1999. Both disciplines weave their way into her life and work on a continuous basis. Susan has studied six different forms of Reiki, teaches two of them, and is co-author of a Reiki book written with two of her students. When she began to study shamanic work, it was a very broad-based curriculum covering many different traditions. She does not consider herself a shaman but is immersed in the principles that shamanism embodies. Her work is a true melding of these two powerful forces in her life honoring the natural world of shamanism and the energetic world of Reiki as one united healing force. As a healer, visual and mandala artist, basket maker, improvisational dancer, and writer, Susan believes that healing at its best is creative and that art can be a powerful form of healing.

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