Douglas Vermeeren is the producer and director of three out of the top ten personal development movies ever made, The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map. And now he is revealing his new hit film How Thoughts Become Things!
How Thoughts Become Things goes deeply in the nuances of personal reality creation…content that has yet to be committed to film and he’s brought along a few friends such as Bob Proctor, Denis Waitley, John Demartini, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Marie Diamond, Travis Fox and Dr. Karen Perkins to explore the HOW of How Thoughts Become Things.
Doug has also researched the success strategies from business leaders and companies like Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, American Airlines, UGG boots, Uber, KFC, McDonalds, Disney, United Airlines, Microsoft and others to share their success secrets on film and in his books. ABC television and FOX Business refer to him as the modern-day Napoleon Hill. He is a regular featured expert on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CTV and CBC and others.
Currently his program Personal Power Mastery is rated as number three in the world for the most powerful personal development seminars. And he recently authored the international bestselling book Personal Power Mastery.

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