Shannon is a grandmother who who has accepted the challenge to Be a Part of the Change she wants to see in the world. She travels and teaches, writes and makes videos about the Magic in Ordinary Moments (MOM) that happen in all our lives, and how Spirit guides us. An evening with Shannon will warm and open your heart.

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  • Dear Hotchkiss, I love you. Thank you for your warm welcome on such cold and snowy days. You are so beautiful!!

    Thank you to the lovely members of your community who shared with us (at the Shamanic Arts Centre) stories of the Magic in Ordinary Moments of their lives. Has Valentines Day ever been so magical? Without sharing MOM, how could they be?

    Sunday's event was upstairs among the beautiful artful pieces on display at the Creamery (such a place!) I would especially like to appreciate Kim Tunnell of the Cheyenne Tribe. (Kim, I feel like you brought the Ancestors with you! I was honoured to share my stories, beliefs and ideas with People of the Land. Thank you!)

    It was especially nice to have the children join us--they are the "Reason" for everything we do.

    I look forward to our getting together again soon. We'll sit in the sun, draw a few tarot cards...
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