I am a mother of one and rainbow grandmother of 10. I am a wife. I am a wisdom keeper of divine feminine knowledge, initiated on the Sulka River Peru in 2016 after 7 years of training as a Light of the Earth Medicine Woman (Humpekmyok). I am a mixed media artist, art being part of my medicine path. I am a intuitive and offer divination as a path of self knowledge. I am a healer and offer one on one energy balancing sessions. I am a writer and offer these writings to the public for healing. I am a dancer have taught Cajun and Zydeco dance lessons. I am a musician, I play the drum, rattle and Uke. I am a life coach and mentor. I am a teacher. I am a founder and fellow collaborator with the cloth-collaborators located in Arnaudville LA, using our local thrift store to buy clothing and re-using to create one of a kind works of wearable art. I am a traveling Medicine Woman traveling in the moon (my art van) to where ever my next divine appointments lead me.

Address 72 Hidden Hills Community Arnaudville, LA, 70512 

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