You are not alone. I am here to help and hold you and can guide you as you do your own personal work. I offer one on one work in person or online and offer group ceremonies and workshops.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Sacred Intimacy
  • Healthy Boundaries and Consent (Asking for what you desire and how to say and receive NO)
  • Relationship Communications
  • Men's Groups and Circles
  • Men claiming their Power
  • Forgiveness
  • Living WILD, Finding the Animal within yourself!
  • Finding Acceptance for the Devil inside of You!
  • Working in Service as a Priest or Priestess.
  • Tantric Massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Manifesting abundance
  • Changing beliefs of Shame and Guilt around Sexual Desire


  • Traditional Native Kambo
  • Western Kambo (if requested)
  • Traditional Sacred Native Medicines
    • ">Sacred Grandfather Medicine Ceremonies
    • <Fire Ceremonies
    • Sacred Hrape' Ceremonies
  • Men's Medicine Ceremonies
  • Mixed Medicine Ceremonies (multiple medicines together)
  • Self Pleasure
  • Sex Magic

I am certified and offer several modalities to assist people regain their personal power. Tools available are:

  • Teal Swan's Completion Process
  • Chi Gong
  • Somatic Practices
  • NLP Practices
  • Tantrica / Daka Work (including hands on Massage)
    • Tao Tantra Practices
    • Vijyana Bhairava Tantra Practices
    • Mahamudra Tantra Practices
  • Sexual Shamanism
  • Sex Magic



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