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Julia is the founding director of the Shamanic Arts Center. She holds degrees in graphic arts, journalism and in counseling. Julia promotes shamanism out of her great love for the earth in hopes that these activities will foster love and protection worldwide for Grandmother Earth and for all the beings & spirits who live here. Talk Story Media Julia is the producer of Talk Story Media a social media channel that includes podcasts. videocasts, press releases and Postcards from Shamans all of which are in support of the Traveling Shamans and programs sponsored by the Shamanic Arts Center.

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In addition to my work as an events coordinator and ceremonialist, I work with creative people in small groups. Along with other shamans I offer the Creative Journey Experience regularly in Hotchkiss. I also offers Magical Experiences in person and on retreat in Colorado. You can buy a package of four Magical Experiences for $100, or energetic exchanges are welcome. _______________________________________________________________ ** Making Plant Medicines – Learn to make plant medicines, tinctures or infusions with Julia. Students must provide the ingredients desired - ingredient list, equipment, and instruction are provided. You keep the finished product. ________________________________________________________________ ** Painting as Meditation – Lose your attachment to the product and immerse yourself in color & ritual painting at the easel. No experience needed, all supplies are provided. You will be working on an ongoing painting which - when completed will be auctioned in support of the Traveling Shamans. You will be given a print of the finished painting. ____________________________________________________ Guided Cannabis Journey - This 1-day retreat will teach you how to use cannabis to enhance custom-chosen mind-expanding practices. Cost varies depending on number of participants and appropriate venue desired. Venues suggested include Orvis Hotsprings, Tipi Haven in Hotchkiss and others. **************************************************************************************** Schedule a Visit with Julia to arrange a Magical Experience. I am the events coordinator for the Traveling Shamans. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a Traveling Shaman in your community,or if you would like to retain the services of a Traveling Shaman. Services offered include blessings for babies, homes, land, marriages, celebrations of life, exorcisms, and journeying for answers.


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