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Encounters of the Shamanic Kind - 3rd Thursday

Traveling Shamans Camp 2019

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    Shamans Camp is a 3-day retreat held each summer in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Opening ceremony will be at 11am on Friday the 26th. The camp's intention is to build community and strengthen connection between the Traveling Shamans and their friends who…

  • Posted by: Julia Widdop

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Julia Widdop’s event was featured
Share stories of encounters and questions at this gathering of shamanic practitioners, artists and students. This month our meeting lands on the vernal equinox, so we will be having a ceremony for equinox. Encounters are held only on the 3rd Thursda…
Julia Widdop’s photo was featured
We'd love to have storytellers or story readers for Traveling Shamans Camp 2019. If you're interested, call Julia at 970-200-LOVE.
Julia Widdop’s photo was featured
We need help building two different sweat lodges for Traveling Shamans Camp 2019.  We have lots of willows, just need help getting the sweat lodge built. If you can help, please call Julia or Chi 970-200-LOVE.
Julia Widdop’s photo was featured
We need a volunteer photographer to shoot some photos of Dr. Robert Sullivan (Chi.) This project could be used as an hour4hour energy exchange for classes, workshops of services offered at The Shamanic Arts Center. Contact Julia at 970-200-5683.