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Sacred Plant Ceremony

  • Description:

    Monthly we will join Dr. Robert Sullivan (Chi) as he guides us in developing a new and deeper connection with  sacred teacher plants. Whether you are a experienced plant medicine user or have never tried plant medicine before, these wisdom…

  • Posted by: Julia Widdop

Art of Medicine Making

  • Description:

    Learn to make plant medicines such as tinctures, salves, poltices & tonics from plant materials with Julia Widdop. Instruction and equipment are provided, however, participants are required to bring their own plant materials and other…

  • Posted by: Julia Widdop

Dimensional Breathwork with Marc Mallat

  • Description:

    Dimensional Breathwork™ (DB), is inspired from different types of breathwork modalities and is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing which integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth…

  • Posted by: Julia Widdop

Sharon Withers

  • Description:

    This class is 60 minutes of connecting with Universal Life Force Energy through
    Reiki, Tao Healing Hands & Singing Bowls as Sharon assists you in coming back
    into your heart space; connecting Mind-Body-Spirit.
    We will be…

  • Posted by: Julia Widdop

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