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 The Shamanic Arts Center provides sacred space and support to shamanic artists & practitioners to present ceremonies and programs with the goal of connecting people more closely to Pachamama - our beautiful Mother/Grandmother Earth.

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Shamanic artists display and teach artwork at the Center to small groups. We are part of the Creative Coalition of the North Fork Valley of Colorado and larger groups are accommodated at larger venues in this area.

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The Shamanic Arts Center and it's network  provide shamanic services, art, workshops and community to both it's online followers, those in the practitioner's community and those who choose  to come to the North Fork Creative Community in Colorado.

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About Julia Widdop

 Julia is the director of the Shamanic Arts Center. She holds degrees in graphic arts, journalism and in counseling.  Julia promotes shamanism out of her great love for the earth in hopes that these activities will foster love and protection worldwide for Grandmother Earth and for all the beings & spirits who live here.  

Talk Story Today

Julia is the producer of the Talk Story Today a social media channel that includes podcasts. videocasts, press releases and Postcards from Shamans all of which are in support of the programs sponsored by the Shamanic Arts Center.

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We'd love to see you get involved by participating in, or presenting a program or being a guest on Talk Story Today. If you have related programs or workshops you'd like to promote on our network just book a visit with Julia to talk about how we may be able to help.

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